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speeches by president obama, bill clinton, jimmy carter, and members of the family of martin luther king junior. our live coverage from the memorial begins at 11 a.m. eastern. one of the things i looked at was a lot of the county records, the counties where these colleges are. when you look at the colonial county records, you will have the name of the president or the name of the professor and then listed with their taxable property will be an enslaved person or two or three. brought their slaves to school? >> yes, if you look at the name of the president and three lines overcome a part of his taxable property is enslaved person. what you will often have in the case of princeton or harvard is you will have the president's the college. who owns the person? knowledge of the town, the local area, the president and the college or kind of inseparable anyway. >> kreg steven wilder on the connection of elite universities intertwined with slavery sunday ards."at nine on "afterw book tv returns in september. read the book and engage on our facebook page and twitter. now, a preview of the upcoming
coming up in the hour. and little later on, we will ask would ask what you president obama in his news conference tomorrow. we're doing our town halls tomorrow. congress is in recess. they are doing town hall checking tweets, checking town halls. we mentioned the town hall last night, here he is taking a pie in the face for charity today. he is from nebraska. he says that joining local , -- rs for the farm bill covering that tomorrow, an event with sheldon whitehouse. run your calls coming up. we once take a look at the town hall that happened yesterday in illinois caller:. is a very general statement. are you for national security? i think there is no doubt that we need immigration reform. our current system is not working for employers or people who are trying to come here legally. it is not working for our agonist or he, the number one industry in my district. i have met with manufacturers and international groups in springfield, having a heart in getting visas to get into the country. then come our office deals with immigration as a federal issue on a daily basis. she wakes up ever
roberts, former deputy assistant defense secretary with the obama administration talked about the north korea nuclear threat, china's modernization of its arsenal, and the u.s. nuclear deterrence policy at an event hosted by the stimson center on monday. this is 90 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. i'm ellen laipson and a delight to welcome you to this event, this monday morning in late august. were delighted to see all of you for discussion on a very important international security topic, extended deterrence and strategic stability in east asia. we're really delighted to welcome brad roberts was recently finished a long tour of the defense department working on these issues as deputy assistant secretary of defense and who' who is just back from g visit in japan, talking in particular with japanese about their views of extended deterrence. and end of his remarks today will be focused in part on his research in japan but also more broadly how the u.s. looks at these issues for all of its presence and engagements in east asia. i'm very happy to turn the baton to yuki tatsumi, who is ou
i do come here in the spirit of partnership to identify those reforms. i note that president obama has already signed seven of the so-called partisan and meaningless bills which he on a regular basis despices in his speeches. he's responded to the employer community by delaying the employer mandate. i wish he would also extend mandate relief to rank and file americans and their families by also delaying the individual mandate. but i'm going to ask you a few pointed questions here. do you think the administration could support as another possible measure repealing the definition of full time of 30 hours which it's never been popularly understood to be and restoring the traditional 40 hour definition as it applies to this act? >> i'll start by saying i'm not the right government official to answer that question. i would defer to treasury on those type of policy calls. >> that's not mine either i'm afraid. >> the tax code, of course, is your forat the so i'll ask you this. can you point to any places where full-time is defined as being 30 hours a week? >> i will look into that and get
, president obama will take the same steps to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. a brief statement today said onma will deliver remarks the ceremony at august 28. it is intended to commemorate the marsh on washington where 250,000 people gathered and heard king's rousing speech on racial quality. look for coverage of that of course on c-span. this is casey on how democrats line, and the issue of media coverage of war, casey, where do you get your information? online. i do not watch much cable news. turks online. caller: i would like to see the mainstream media cover more of the whistleblowers. what the whistleblowers have to do instead of chastised them. what they actually do and how they help out the war effort and make the government more transparent. host: thanks for your call. tennessee, next up, bill is on the independence line. bill, are you there? caller: yes. mediaery disgusted in the cbs. with cnn and abc and you cannot believe anything that becauset of their mouth make the changes according to what they want to have you see it. they do not use any direc
in san francisco. >> as you know, more than three years ago, president obama with a stroke of a pin it may help care for all americans a right, not a privilege. a reality. in doing so, president obama honored the value of our founders of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. liberty, the freedom to pursue each of our own happiness. if you were an artist, a cameraman, a writer, an individual who could be self- employed, you could start your own business, you could change jobs. if you even had a policy could be confined. we go forward to make this a reality. that is a very important part of like it is important for us to have comprehensive affordable quality health care for all americans. here in california, already 8.1 million californians are now receiving preventive services. 435 young adults are now safely covered by their parents plan, just in our state. california seniors have saved over half a billion dollars a prescription drug medication and soon, being a woman in california will no longer be a pre-existing medical condition. >> all of that town hall meeting with leade
and leave something of herself there. >> season two of "first ladies" from edith roosevelt to michelle obama. live monday nights including your calls, facebook comments and tweets starting september 9th at 9 eastern on c-span. and tonight we'll conclude the encore presentation of season one of our series with first lady ida mckinley. >> georgia democratic congressman john lewis spoke recently about his experiences organizing and speaking at the 1963 march on washington where martin luther king jr. delivered his "i have a dream" speech. congressman lewis made these remarks during a town hall meeting in washington commemorating the 50th answerers -- anniversary of the march. other speakers include hank thomas. this event was hosted by thefy beta sigma fraternity. >> good afternoon. i am ivory lyle, i'm the international director for phi bay that sigma -- pay that sigma, and i want to welcome you here this evening. it is our intent to have a conversation about moving forward. it has been, it is so critical that as we look at this town hall meeting today that we take a retrospective look on wher
, yeah. >> host: republicans love to go barack obama of socials and talked about in a sort of a european left-winger. but in reality even the european left has accepted that basic what came to be known as the washington consensus, although you are arguing really that it belongs in an earlier time period. but even the left except that basic principles about markets, been threatened by the last few years. do you think that the financial crash of 2008 and the ongoing drama associate with that in europe especially could finally spell the end of the market oriented consensus? >> guest: i think it has in many ways. as i tell people, if you are 25 in the united states today and she can't find a job and you are saddled with $100,000 in college debt, i wonder if you're going to believe in capitalism the way somebody did the went to college in the early 1980s and was born into complete a different world, right? i think that's -- that's what's happened with the financial crisis is a deeply undermined a lot of our faith in capitalist institutions. but again no one has found a language to bring the o
the mandate. >> i don't read it that way. rfel and mr. -- the obama administration is saying if you work more than 30 hours a week -- she would have to provide health care or else get it through subsidy in the exchange. that is not through any longer through 2014, the employer will not have to offer coverage to the individual would have to go through the exchange and 2014 to get coverage. many have already seen their businesses ares tried to comply with the 30 hour role. care is not obama ready and it is the american people who bear the burden of you not being ready. for employers and their employees? either one of you. >> i would just say, first of thatthat the requirement employers provide coverage under the affordable care act when it goes into effect only applies to larger employers. which provide coverage to their workers today. so the impact of that provision is actually quite small. -- smallerloyees employers are not subject before and they will not be next year. there is a lot of misunderstanding about what this provision is and who it impacts. >> i think i would stop there. i said ea
. president obama and the band roads have announced that originally in times of enforcing the red line on the serious and chemical weapons use and this most recent incident was not the first, the united states would support its military were the supreme military council specifically so we are not arming. but actually the supreme military council. as you have seen in the press, that has come out that there has been a lot of complaints about the late delivery of those weapons. there are several reasons for that. one is arguments over how effect of this can be because the fight in serious has ended up in the division of the country. some call it a stalemate and whatever we provide to them would not leave to the toppling of the assad regime but only sustaining the fight. the other more enduring argument has been supplying the smc wholesale that could and likely would leave those weapons into falling into the hands of the extremists. as it is currently construct did, that is a distinct possibility. however, i am not rejecting this as a vehicle for supporting the opposition but rather, and w
on innovation and chilling effect on growth and jobs. that academic's name is barack obama and he is currently the president of the united states. i urge my colleagues to oppose the amendment. the chair: the question is on the amendment offered by the gentleman from new york. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, the noes have it and the amendment is not agreed to. mr. nadler: despite the test that might be needed here, i ask for a roll call. the chair: pursuant to clause 6, rule 18, further proceedings on the amendment offered by the gentleman from new york will be postponed. it is now in order to consider amendment number 7 printed in part b of house report 113-187. the hat purpose does gentleman from georgia seek recognition? mr. johnson: i rise in support of my amendment to h.r. --. the clerk: amendment number 7 printed in house report 113-187, offered by mr. johnson of georgia. the chair: pursuant to house resolution 322, the gentleman from georgia, mr. johnson, and a member opposed each will control five minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from g
is on your screen. critical today of president obama's decision to postpone the military exercise with egypt, making the announcement earlier. we will show you the president's comments later on in the headline. they write senator paul says the law is very clear. "mr. president, stop skirting the issue, follow the law, and cancel all foreign aid." our caller is on the republican party. who is your candidate? rubio or ted cruz. >> you said marco rubio and ted cruz. what do you like about both? caller: they are both very knowledgeable about today's issues as far as immigration reform. people talk about immigration reform. i am a hispanic. i am in texas. we are not a dying breed. we do exist. hispanic, female, republican. that is almost non-existent to the mainstream media or to the of the -- other politicians out there. i really do believe these two men would be closer to what reality is. although, there are other hispanics somewhere else, up north, or northeast, areas like that. down here, in texas, arizona, new mexico, all of those states, they deal with immigration reform. they deal with his
on terrorism at this point should also talk about the idea that it's not a false choice to quote obama from the national archives speech between liberty and security. it's a very real choice. and we should be coming to terms with that. >> i think liberty vs. security in the various tradeoffs and how much terrorism and daniel you're willing to accept inflicteden on you would be a great other planl for us to have. >> i'm just saying i think we've had a lot of a kind of -- i think sometimes we treat this conversation like we're children and we want to believe that we can have everything. nd we can't. i'd like democracy, no terrorism, you know, a smaller government. there's all kinds of things you want but you have to look at it in the real context. >> do you want to make the last comment? >> yeah. i actually, you know, as somebody who is not a fan of big government, i share many of those worries. i'm asked constantly about the n.s.a. stuff. i don't know enough of what's going on. but i have this guttural reaction where, no, i don't want my data scooped up vs. the analytical counterterrorism si
you about tomorrow. president obama will be at a town hall meeting in new york. of a bus trip promoting his plan to make higher education more affordable. later in the day, in pennsylvania, the president will be joined by vice president joe event.or an that is before 5:00. at 7:00, we will feature remarks by ted cruz at a fund-raising event hosted by the new hampshire republican party. >> this is c-span townhall, every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday evening while congress is in recess. with college students returning this week and next, and with the president making it public education speech today and over the next day or two, we are going to focus tonight on a couple of education issues. we will spend the first hour talking about college costs. we will ask you the question, is the cost of college worth it? we will give you a couple of ways to participate. the last half will focus on common core standards and charter schools. the first hour, the cost of college, is it worth it? the phone lines -- make sure you mute your television or radio when you call in. #c-spanchat. we
for mccain and looked for obama. but how do you check up on -- i want to see what my ex-wife is doing. i go into the system and put her name and. >> you are making a similar point to a facebook comment, who is watching the watchers? what our left of our program tonight, the c-span out all looking at the nsa surveillance program. it comes to telephone calls, nobody is listening to your telephone calls. that is not what this program is about. what the intelligence community at phoneis looking number is in durations of calls. --y are not looking at names >> they are very sensitive and very important. there is a balance between security at liberty and all was a time to reexamine that. >> you have a police state, and much more dangerous society. others. the center and the privacy is being violated, just ask my constituents. >> there is more inconvenient and damage to americans by the no-fly list and taking off your shoes than by this program. see you there are talking to and in order to identify threats. >> they're out for the next five weeks, the august research -- recess. we're going to spend
's exciting that my vote counts for the selection of obama. but now is the time that women should stand up and see that their vote does really count. >> thank you so much, lillian. >> give it back to congressman gutierrez even though we're familiar with his advocacy work and pushing the legislation forward on this important topic. now in his 11th term in the house of representative, congressman gutierrez has accomplished himself as a congressional leader on behalf of his constituents in chicago and nationwide. his leadership, championing the causes of latino and the immigrant communities has given a voice to the millions of undocumented immigrants that call our country home. on a national level, there's no elected official more committed to or passionate about pro tekting and advocating for our nation's community than representative gutierrez. congressman gutierrez plays a key role in advocating for the immigration reform bill that supports women and children, preserves family unity, and provides the pathway for citizenship. he has led the call for the preservation of the family unit and a
, and president obama has awarded bayard rustin the presidential medal of freedom. but we have not yet seen dr. king's opportunity thrown open to everyone. we have so far to go before a truly great education is offered to every child. listen to our community and partners in the fight. we fight for millions of lgbt students and all those seen as different. they deserve a welcoming audience for their dream, and they deserve to be embraced for who they are, yet, every day, our youth in doors the silence imposed by violence and fear. some have been silenced forever, and we raise our voices in their memory. zakiya gund, gwen aroyyo, carl joseph walker hoover, lawrence kane. bayard rustin was a quaker. he attended meetings each week listening to the voice of the divine that could speak to anyone of us. across this nation, of voices are ready to rise for opportunity and justice and freedom for every young person, no matter who they are, what did look like, or who they love. listen for those forces. lift them up so that they can be heard. when we do that, we shall all rise. thank you for the great hon
you all. [cheers and applause] >> please welcome reverend [applause]e king. >> president obama, mrs. obama, president carter and clinton, congressman lewis, ambassador young, my brother martin iii, to my entire family. i was five months old when my father delivered his "i have a dream" speech and i probably was somewhere crawling on the floor or taking a nap after having a meal. but the day is a glorious day because on this program today we have witnessed a manifestation of the beloved community. and we thank everyone for their presence here today. today we have been honored to have three presidents of the united states. 50 years ago, the president did not attend. today we are honored to have many women in the planning and mobilization of the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. [applause] >> 50 years ago there was not a single woman on the program. today we are honored to have not just one young person but several young people on the program today. it is certainly a tribute to the work and legacy of so many people that have gone on before us. 50 years ago today, in a symbo
. they continue saying that all men are created equal. to the obama administration, some are more equal than others. like we heard about obamacare, big businesses are more equal than we the people. they get an exemption. it is very interesting that the irs was charged with forcing obamacare on us. the labor unions that were pushing and jumping up and down with obama, now they want an exemption. we the people need in exception. it is not by accident that the first three words of the constitution are in big letters saying we the people. we the people. the declaration continues by saying that we are endowed by our creator. very interesting that you don't hear the obama administration uttering those same words. they want you to think that those rights come from government. come of course, if they from government, government can take them away and government can control them, and they are doing precisely that. then after that, it mentions the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. it says that governments are instituted to protect those rights. not to drop those rights
believe the economy was so messed up by george bush that obama struggled mightily to overcome this horrible situation he inherited. the second reason is most americans believe republicans only care about rich people. and those are branding problems that the republican party has to to overcome. and it's hard to overcome it because you've got three obstacles; academia, hollywood and our major media, all of which are overwhelmingly liberal. when you say something, it's got to be interpreted through the filter of those three entities, and often it's been distorted. >> host: larry elder is our guest, this is booktv on c-span2 live from the los angeles times festival of books, campus of usc. mike's in fort worth, texas. hi, mike. >> caller: how's it going, larry? my -- pretty good. i'm a african-american democrat, but i agree with you one of the big problems in the african-american community is lack of fathers in the house. but i think, larry, when you say that, you kind of come off kind of harsh on black people. now, what's the reason behind the lack of a lot of fathers being in th
vacation questions or -- pre-vacation questions for president obama, and one deals with immigration. we will have tomorrow's news conference live here on c-span and c-span radio. "would you issue an executive order to provide relief to undocumented immigrants of the house is passed the bill. obama insisted during his first term they could not change the laws unilaterally but he did. joining us to talk a bit about that and further action ahead on the house is fawn johnson. what are you hearing about the potential plan b? >> started to talk about it more openly. in the past year or so, they have been really on congress and trying to get something passed in congress. that is everyone's first choice. what are you hearing about the potential plan b? >> started to talk about it more openly. in the past year or so, they have been really on congress and trying to get something passed in congress. that is everyone's first choice. it is slowing down the possibility the house will not pass on the go. people who president obama, as kerry and john put in their story, it expand his current program he
. have seen with obama, this is the line i came up with, i think president obama acts like an executive. he has really pushed a lot of the war and expanded a lot of the global war on terror that has done it through secret operations. a little bit under a year and a a notification to congress, yes, we are doing counterterrorism activity. and then nothing else. these are complicated partnerships and almost secret the conducted entirely at classification level. obama has done a lot of that and does not really talk about it erie it he has chosen to wage war in secret. the thing about doing these things under so much secrecy is ,hat, just as you can expand you can also take it away and not have much of a debate, either. a lot of trust right now in the executive ranch, and maybe there has to be. i am not saying i know the answer here. the way that obama has approached this is he has done quite a bit in a lot of these places, including somalia. the warade it appear is winding down. , will thatn is translates into winding down secret operations he has continued? ,> what you are saying is true h
on washington tomorrow will include speeches by president obama, former president hill clinton and jimmy carter and members of the family of martin luther king, junior. now of for him commemorating the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. analysts include john lewis and andrea young. this is a little more than an hour. >> this is marvin. >> hello, and welcome to the national press club. of program is remembering march, a movement, and a dream. the civil rights movement that once dominated our headlines and began to touch our national conscience and the i have a dream speech of martin luther king. many of us feared the march would turn violent, but it was amazingly peaceful. people bound together in a march, probably at that time the largest demonstration at the washington mall ever. i was there to cover the story. aware this wasg more than a news story. moment for the world to enjoy. >> if any of those had gone bad, we would look bad, but if they go well, it is one of the tributes of democracy. gray,years later, i am and the world is wiser about issues such as economic injustice. we are
this about a year and a half ago, it's called 10 letters. it's letters that president obama reads and i went back and found 10 of them who had written to the president. it has been a pretty good read. when that is done, then we go on to act of congress and another guy at "the washington post" and back in the 1970s there was a big difference between then and now it is just that these guys have written. collision 2012 is written and there was a similar writing back in the 2008 campaign. all the guys involved, and that is coming out in august. the other one is through the perilous fight, which is by steve bulger, also someone i used to work with closely. we look back at the six weeks during the war of 1812. >> we saw the movie. two let us know what you are reading this summer. post on her facebook page or send us a twitter tweet or send us e-mail at booktv@c-span.org. >> mayor and council chairman, they face each other in one of the most contentious and expensive elections in the recent history. raising nearly $5 million in an attempt to hold onto his seat. and vincent gray race only $2 million
of intentions government gradually accumulates power. andwhile i might trust king even president obama to respect the balance between civil liberties and national security, i am not sure i will be able to trust at the next president. that is why we have a constitution and a bill of rights. i am speaking here today as who considers herself a kind of national security hawk. i endorse the patriot act. i thought we needed it. i think we still need to do more to protect american citizens. i do not think guantÁnamo should be closed, because i want to be the mantake men like that was just indicted a year later for benghazi, i want to be able to take him somewhere that is not in the united states where i know he can be safeguarded for trial. the terrible thing about this indictment is that we do not have him. now that we have indicted him, we are not likely to get him unless he has an unfortunate traffic accident in libya, which could happen. but these are the problems and the way in which the president has approached national security. it is, as steve king says, schizophrenic. i knoweptical
was not and still is not spoken at home. the odds were stacked against me. so like barack obama has been eager to harp on the odds for political purposes, in the narrative he has been pedaling for the four to five years. the little people at the bottom of the society don't get a fair shake. millions and billions, according to him, or the richest 1% have edged out everyone else from opportunities for success. america's economy has become a -- for the privilege few, and unless government barack obama's government intervenes heavily, the poor and the middle class will never thrive. in this paradigm, in mr. obama's paradigm i had no business getting out of the ghetto at least not without receiving a welfare check. this is because barack obama doesn't just peddle the benefit of the welfare state. he really ped dahls the welfare state mentality. the mentality is even worse than the welfare state itself. it absorbed individuals of personal responsibility. it confines them to grievants and encourages even justifies their sense of entitlement. since the election of last november, republicans have been
barack obama. as you may recall, the liberal media raved about barack obama's writing ability in the 2008 election. back then, senator obama's rÉsume was quite short, and his supporters often would say with a straight face, that he was just marvelous because he wrote two marvelous books about himself. at first i thought it was a joke. when senator obama actually became president obama, i realized it was no joke at all, i decided that i seriously needed to get with the program. and start believing in the dreamy barack obama world of yes, we can. so i thought that what i needed to do was to write two books about myself, and maybe i too can be president of the united states. [laughter] [applause] so i sat down and wrote a book about myself called "chinese girl in the ghetto." when people asked me what the book is about these days, i usually politely tell them it's about my family's journey from communist china to inner-city oakland california. it's about my journey of getting to know freedom. what i'm really thinking. usually what is really on my mind, i need to hurry up and write another b
campaign for president of the united states. in 2008 she campaigned for for barack obama and joe biden, and she was nominated by president elect obama to be secretary of state. i do not think any of us have lived to see a woman achieve a greater set of goals and a woman who has done more for all of us than secretary hillary rodham clinton. with that, i give this award to hillary rodham clinton, and it is going to be accepted. [applause] >> in 2007 i was honored to serve as hillary clinton's campaign director. my entire family met her at a campaign event in may of that year. having only met hillary clinton as portrayed in media events, i was not prepared for her warm and authenticity. after exchanging greetings, she looked at her son and looked back at me to ask, how is your health care? does it cover everything you need? i am not sure i can explain the warmth her beacon of light provided. in that moment, for me, for our family, for our son, hillary clinton embodied hope, and in our brief conversation, she showed me what makes her the best public servant i believe our country has ever k
have to keep in mind here. >> another thing she encountered in 2007 was that a lot of the obama supporters and in case people don't know, you were an obama supporter, didn't want to relitigate the clinton years. and that caused them to support barack obama instead of hillary clinton. how did she address the fact that she has a record to defend and she has to defend her husband's record as well? >> i really think that her job as secretary of state has solidified her standing as a candidate that happened to be married to a guy that used to be president. but not that his presidency would in any way define her presidency. i think it's important to remember that we have two candidates for president in 2008 that were amazing. historic candidates that made all of us who are democrats so proud of our party and so proud of our country because the two amazing candidates were running. i said to my friends who wither disappointed in me when i supported barack obama, not like i'm going for a good ole boy. this is an extraordinarily difficult decision. and it was a difficult one to me. and in
to tell you about today here on c-span. president obama will be at a temple meeting in binghamton, new york at 12:45 p.m. eastern promoting his lands to make higher education more affordable. later in the day in pennsylvania, the president will be joined by scranton native, vice president joe biden, at lackawanna college before 5:00 p.m. at 7:00 eastern, the road to the --te house 26 team coverage 2016 coverage will feature ted cruz at a fund-raising event hosted by the new hampshire republican party. tonight on the encore presentation of " first ladies," >> when she came to the white house, she was interested to see how it worked and she found it was dilapidated and dirty and sort of ominous and she tried to spruce it up. she went through the cabinets and found old pieces of china and then asked service if they could tell her if anybody remembers how old pieces. . she started the idea of trying to catalog and create a sense of what the chinas were. she had a plan of putting the splay cases in the state dining room but that never came to fruition. theis credited with being initiator
support the nsa program? caller: i do not. i voted for obama. i amazed of all of the laws that are being passed that are constitutionally questionable. i am wondering why from a media respective -- it seems like one of the -- it should be a debate. where is the limit? it is becoming watered down. we are becoming a police state. it does not seem like anyone is doing anything about it. republicans are the tea party people who -- where does it stop? >> you are calling on our democrat line. we had a little bit of conversation before about how to divide the lines. when you look at the defense bill a few weeks back, there were opposition on both sides of the aisle for that amendment. where do you see this as a political issue? is it democratic or republican? caller: it looks like you have some republicans who are in support of it and some democrats that are in support of it. i am with rand paul on this one. i am questioning why i am a democrat? i lean more with the republicans. i appreciate the house and having tea party representatives there who are standing their ground on some of these crit
biography and portrait of each first lady. and thoughts from michelle obama on the the role of first ladies throughout history, now available for the discount -- $12.95,ounted price of plus shipping. >> coming up tonight, the impact of what it cuts on military preparedness. at midnight, another chance to see our encore of first ladies, influence and image, on the life of abigail adams. and then the town hall extending the nsa surveillance program. under the current sequestration law, the pentagon will have to cut $500 billion over the next 10 years. the brookings institution examined the effect of cuts on military preparedness. this is 90 minutes. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to another panel discussion. this is dissecting the pentagon strategic choices and management review. i am marvin calvin. i am a senior advisor to the center for crisis reporting which is located just next door. way back in august 2011 which is only two years ago congress passed and the president signed into law a legislative monstrosity called the budget control act. it was a way of doing something w
that are different than us to have the conversation with, just not amongst us. i also applaud president obama for his statement on the martin case and he came out into the 17 minute speech from his heart. it talked about that. he was able, as president of the u.s. and a black man, to convey to people who do not think they are racist the kinds of things that have happened to him in terms of locked doors and other things. no one will come up and say, "i'm a racist." they don't think they are a racist until you call them out on something. we need to have more of a discussion and we also need to -- you need to help your friends as they do things that they believe are not racist, the pulled him aside and say, "do you know how that may me feel? do you know what you just did?" discussion have this and dialogue. race is a very uncomfortable thing to talk about. >> do you want to jump in here? >> i do. this conversation makes us sad. it makes me sad because it goes back to the 150 years, how long this is going to take. we tend to jump when we think of as a policy martin response, we need to help more young bo
, and i spoke with president obama before the weekend, and i called resident putin on monday and had a long discussion about this issue. we are a long way apart, but we need to get the geneva process going. if there was any action, it would be immediately taken over by running a political process once again, and britain would do everything in its power to make that happen. but me answer a final question that has been put in the debate over recent days, and that is the question about whether this would risk radicalizing more young muslims, including people in britain. this was a vital question, one not asked enough in 2000 three. this question was asked at the security council yesterday, and we have gotten advice from our counterterrorism experts. there is little room for complacency. proposed will not be a significant force of new radicalization and extremism, and i would make his point. young people are looking at the pictures of muslims suffering in serious, seeing the most terrific that's from chemical weapons. many of them may be asking if the world will be stepping up, and i bel
coverage of the iraq war was to president obama and visit a marine corps base camp pendleton. they discussed efforts to rebuild civil society in the be a. -- libya. mayors faced each other in ecb sin history. d.c.ment -- in recent history. shortly after great took office in 2011, brown, who had also run for mayor thomas said that he was paid and promised a job in exchange during the election. federal investigators discovered that much of brown's story was true. there was a covering of a eager secret. the shadow campaign. on,ou had a campaign going the regular campaign, and another set of folks who were in the greatht next to campaign. there is so much going on will study had several workers complaining about the other workers. they felt that they were getting paid more. there was a lot of confusion as to who was paying them. it wasn't until a year later that book started putting things together when federal investigators began asking questions. they be lysed the folks who were next door, we cannot find any record -- they realized the folks who were next door, we cannot find a
of sequestration next are so horrible for the armed forces. >> president obama continues his jobs and economy tour on the west coast this week. today he visits troops and their families at the camp pendleton marine corps base in california. starting ata live 3:50 p.m. here on c-span. c-span, we bring public affairs events from washington directly to you, putting you in the room at congressional hearings, white house events, briefings, and conferences him and offering complete gavel-to- gavel coverage of the u.s. house all as a public service of private industry. c-span, created by the cable tv industry 34 years ago and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. now you can watch us in hd. >> former nsa and cia director michael hayden, cybersecurity threats will get worse before they get better. he was one of the speakers at an event looking at vulnerabilities in the: trees electric grid -- and the country's electric grid. this is 45 minutes. >> good morning. if everybody would take a seat. i want to welcome everyone. for those who don't know us, bp c was founded in 2007 by four senate major
copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] president obama holds a news conference from the white house and is expected to take questions about his canceled meeting with russian president vladimir putin and the debt ceiling and nsa surveillance program. we will bring it to you live it three. :00 p.m. eastern on c- span -3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span @12:00 15 p.m. eastern, we look at the health insurance marketplace and exchanges. on "washington journal conquer we talk about whether tracking. at 8:00 15 eastern, we look at race relations. at 8:00 15 a.m. eastern, we look at race relations. at 9:00 15 a.m., the u.s. census bureau discuss state and local government finances and the health of ♪ host: what do my angelou, sandra day o'connor, jesse jackson and betty ford all have in common? they have all been awarded the presidential honor of freedom. and president obama is named the newest recipient. clinton, loretta lynn, oprah winfrey, and sally ride are among them. who would you nominate for a presidential medal of freedom? share with us this morning on "washington journal to go (202) 58
is a government id? second, why haven't you supported obama's jobs bill? >> the first question is about whether -- >> voting rights. the civil rights of 1964, congress had to approve us to be able to vote again. >> i will take a look at that. the issue is one that came up recently. it is something i would like to take a look at. everyone has a right to vote and that should be protected. that is a critical element of our society. that is something i will take a close look at. the issue of the jobs bill, house republicans passed a number of jobs bills, legislation aimed to boost the economy. those have been taken up i bet senate -- have not been taken up by the senate or president. we want to help the economy by looking at all of the people and how to create a for your economy that everyone -- free economy that everyone can prosper in. >> [indiscernible] >> i wouldn't support doing anything at the federal level. from my perspective, it is a state and local issue. >> you would support the state? >> unfortunately, i'm not a michigan state legislator. >> i mean another one from michigan. and i think
to give cover for possible military action. has the prime minister made it clear to president obama that in no way does this country support in the attack that could come before the u.n. inspectors have done their job? >> i called this house to debate issues that are absolutely vital. it is this house that will decide what steps we next take if you agree to the motion i have sat down. no action can be taken until we have heard from the u.n. weapons inspectors and before there has been another vote in this house. those are the conditions that we, the british government, the british parliament, are setting. let's we -- let me make a more progress and i will take interventions. this deep public cynicism makes it a particular responsibility on me as a prime minister. that is why i wanted parliament recalled. i wanted this debate to bring the country together and not divide it. i included in the government motion all the issues i could that were raised by the leader of the opposition and by many colleagues on all sides of the house because i want us to try to have the greatest possible u
13 out of 14 voted that way. both the speaker and the minority leader voted that way. bush, obama thought that we. we've had the snowden revelations your snowden did not give us a single instance of abuse. i'm not telling you it didn't occur or could occur because i think you're right. look at the irs. you mentioned in another context but you're right, terrific abuse of power. but so far no individual cases have come forward. the people that are supposed to be on the committees and supervises all feel strongly. the key people that have been leader of the country in the last decade feel the same way. the amendment in front of us would have totally stopped, you know, the program. i applaud for having brought the amendment. i told and is in conference. i said this is an important debate to have. and i don't blame you for using the only legislative vehicle you have, which is amending the defense bill on this issue. what we really need is like what we're having with the irs right now, is a series of hearings investigations where you actually hold people accountable if they had done any
to meet with president obama, but lay down very specific benchmarks on simple respect for the fundamental liberties of people in vietnam who just yearn to be free and experience their god-given rights. i yield back to the distinguished jam. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from california reserves. the gentleman from new york. mr. engel: i reserve my time. mr. royce: i will make concluding remarks at this time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from california is recognized. mr. royce: i thank the gentleman from new jersey, for his dedication to human rights in general and not only his work on this bill, but again the time and energy that he has put in to attempting to intervene on behalf of those who have been subject to these beatings that e has cited, to this mall -- maltreatment, long prison terms. we had the president of vietnam visiting last week since the last visit in 2007. while we have been assured that human rights were on the agenda during the meetings with the president and state department and of course, we did al
inviting dr. king. she is now 103 years old and she led a get out the vote rally for barack obama and the last election in the back of a car. [applause] was sitting in the back of a convertible and she registered in 1932, the year i was born. sharp,still alert, still and nobody knows her name. i cussed out her sorority sisters because they introduced her and gave her an honor for being a sorority member for 50 years and did not know who she was. women, it's your fault. [laughter] >> a question here on the left. >> if martin luther king and i had not married little country from terry county, alabama, you never would have heard our names. all three of their wives came out of the black belt of alabama. women have never, ever receive south,dit all across the all across america. even here in cambridge, maryland , gloria richardson. in nashville, tennessee, a young diane nashe name of who called a meeting to organize the student nonviolent organizing community. fromat about daisy bates the little rock nine? she counseled them. >> and yet they still were not on stage. woman by the name o
want to talk about it. i interest in congress and president obama have to make hard decisions, but i don't understand why they should take it out on our children. our children are our future, and we owe it to them to provide every opportunity for them to succeed. we should be doing more to help our children like rhea unlike others, but until then, i just want people to understand that the sequester hurts and it is our reality. and, over 57,000 stores out there just like mine and kelly's. thank you. [applause] >> somebody did one of our affiliates there to study of the health of people in childcare, the staff, and the administrative, the directors came out as the most stressed. we will have a chance now to hear from ms. nita norphlet-thompson is the executive director -- ms. ouida foster toutebon. she was born and whites plan, attending north carolina before beginning her career as a teacher social worker for the passengers executive director. she's a great friend of ours and also the president of the new york head start association. please join me in welcoming ouida foster toutebon.
the docket bill -- well, not a bill, something president obama did a little over a year ago, i think? >> last august. >> pardon? >> last august. >> last august, deferred action for childhood arrivals policy, and that takes -- that says to the dreamers, those that fall under your bill, the dreamers, that they can get kind of a -- correct me if i'm wrong, a provisional status, a work permit, a work thing, where that if they can show that they came as a young dreamer, that they are going to school. they don't have a criminal record, they get a work permit, and they will not be kicked out of the country. they will not face what you talked about, the specker of getting kicked out of the country if you're picked up in the back of the car for speeding or anything like that. that has been a great policy. that's only been in existence since last year. we applauded the president for doing that, and i thought we all supported it. just a week ago, there was an amendment in the house of representatives on a bill to sprit funding and end that program. that means that people like our two friends here would
and barack obama have attempted to draft behind the candy image and became a day -- in the legacy. >> we're out of time to thank setauket always fun to talk about the kennedys. kennedys. >> it's been my pleasure. thanks so much. >> this morning on c-span2 the author of a biography of joseph p. kennedy. and discussion of protecting the electric grid from cyberattacks. senator carl levin speaks at a symposium of the reserve officers association. >> on the next "washington journal," the national oceanic >> with more coverage of nonfiction books in the book industry every weekend on booktv. including this saturday at 6 p.m. eastern,. >> what you did your father by the book? >> 1933. you just gotten out of the government. you been out about three weeks. he had been governor of the federal reserve board and started the reconstruction finance corporation under hoover, and the state of the federal reserve chairman for a little while under roosevelt and then he was gone. because he didn't like roosevelt's monetary policy. the post came up three weeks later for auction on the steps of the building
under obama? it was basically every major decision, there was something she had to do with the federal government. i found that insulting. we need to put out an alternative to that and that will speak to women. were really successful in putting out a number of images and celebrity ads to target young women. i think one of the things that we need to be doing is recognizing the difference segments of women and targeting the keys are targeting these different segments, recognizing it is a different block. and then meeting women where there are. for young women, a lot of what we're doing in news, we use the technology that college women are using, speak to them through their professors and other students, and peers, and try to meet the more they are. >> on a similar front, marilinda garcia, what do you think could be done, what would be your advice to get more young women to run for office? >> i think programs like this are important because they showcase people liked karin do wonderful work, other elected officials around the country we are around in the country. it seems to me -- the mos
. that is the band that allowed president obama during the boston bombing when he was getting his news via cable but sort of second and third hand, we're told he said get me a live broadcast feed. it was on that very band that he was able to watch live what was happening in boston. so again, when these ideas are floated, it's really important to get into the details and find out the consequence of these suggestions that are put out there. again, if something's changed and they can share, let us see the tests that say that it can work now where it couldn't have a year ago. >> now, looking at some of the complaints in the incentive auction proceeding, how is the fck not being transparent enough -- fcc not being transparent enough? they said they've met with nab folks 15 times alone. >> guest: well, they recently put out a whole bunch of information and, you know, understanding it all is really what they want us to do. we'll let you see what we're working with. what we could do with them if they wanted to get us and our broadband colleagues together in a room, we could tell them what we think works
with president obama's recent attempt to get gun control legislation. we had the majority of the public in support of some type of reform, and yet it doesn't pass. and that's unfortunately connected to again something that congressman ellison talked about, the influence of money and lobbyists in politics. so we have a real crisis in our democracy right now. and you know, one of the important sort of forces is labor. unfortunately that's why labor is under attack, right? so we really need to do more to broaden a host of organizations. i mean, traditional civil rights organizations, but it's also crucial that we figure out how to strengthen and expand labor. because as the march on washington movement showed, many other progressive movements are connected to the labor movement. so, so that's part of the struggle. we need to build movements of aggressors, and particularly i would say the labor movement, because the crisis that's being shown a is the economic crisis, but also a lot of the civil rights struggles are connected to the labor struggle in to the growing economic inequality that w
ladies on continues tomorrow night on c- span. >> in a few moments, president obama unveils his plan for making college more affordable. kathleen sebelius on how the latino community will be affected are the new health care law. night eastern we will re-air our first ladies profile on france's cleveland. frances cleveland. president obama was in buffalo, new york, to unveil his plan on making college more affordable. at the minute event state university of new york is part of a two-day trip that also includes a stop in pennsylvania. >> hello, buffalo! hello, bulls! well, it is good to be back in buffalo, good to be back in the north. i want to begin by making sure we all thank silvana for the wonderful introduction. give her a big round of applause. her mom and dad are here somewhere. where are they? i know they're pretty proud. there they are right there. give mom and dad a big round of applause. a number of other people i want to acknowledge here -- first of all, our secretary of education, arne duncan, who's doing a great job. one of the finest governors in the country, your gover
how the u.s. government leverages technology to foreign policy. i just done interesting the obama campaign hired 300 dead and less, so look at who was the messenger, what platform. and yet if you look at the state department of the national security council i think there is zero or a handful of data analysts. this is a policy, this is the messenger, this is the platform we should use. so could you go beyond social media and sort of share your thoughts on how to leverage data to form foreign policy. >> the current problem is still, the good news is the foreign policy apparatus gets the importance of technology. the problem is we still view informed policy technology through the lens of public diplomacy and communicating. and i'm not -- that's just one instrument of statecraft. the bigger sort of role that technology can play is and how it empowers local entities and individuals to address local challenges. there's a huge role that technology can play around correlating data. we look a lot at how to use david to map expose and disrupt illicit network from narcotraffickers do human t
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